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Roast SF: Roast of Mayor Ed Lee

RoastSF is back with another heart stopping, fall-to-the-floor laughing, no-jokes barred comedy roast. Join us as we come together to mock each other and this month’s guest of honor. You’ve seen the comedy roasts on TV, and online, now it’s time to see one live! 

*Actual Mayor of San Francisco Ed Lee will not be in attendance, c'mon now.  The “real” mayor has no association with this show.  RoastSF DOES have a top notch improv actor who has many Ed Lee similarities, like wearing glasses and being Asian.  And don’t worry, our guys never been booed off stage.  Seriously though, as far as Ed Lee impersonators go, he’s at the top of the game, so good.  We heard he once snuck into a Twitter party and left with $5,000 and a happy ending.  It’s been rumored he once let tourists take pictures “with the Mayor” for $1, and made over $14.  Oh yea, unlike the real Mayor, our Ed Lee’s jokes are funny.

This Month’s Dirty Dais:

Pete O’Keefe

Chris Conaster

Ruby Gill

Yuri Kagan

Joe Gorman

Jesus U Bettawork

Spencer DeVine

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