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Wonderfest's Ask a Science Envoy: A.I., Plants, & Magnetic Mysteries

Have science questions?

Wonderfest’s “Science Envoys” have answers!

UC Berkeley computer scientist Dylan Hadfield-Menell will discuss how to ensure that AI does not run amok.

Stanford botanist Therese LaRue will explore how plants are so resilient to changes in their environments.

UC Berkeley physicist Thomas Mittiga will show how artificial atoms help us to understand exotic materials AND to engineer tech breakthroughs.

After their short talks, these young researchers will accept all manner of tough science questions from the audience. Come grill them!

This event is FREE. But what value does this knowledge have FOR YOU? Please contribute to Wonderfest accordingly, ... and deduct it from your taxes. Help nonprofit Wonderfest to enlarge the concept of scientific community — as through this outstanding Science Envoy Program

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