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RoastSF Presents: Comedy Roast of a Cop!

RoastSF is back with the Bay Area’s meanest comedy show. Join us for another night of heart stopping, fall-to-the-floor laughing, no-jokes barred comedy roasts! As we bring 8 of the best INSULT comics to mock each other and that night’s controversial guest of honor. As always: drinking is encouraged, sensitivity…. is not.

This month’s guest of honor is one we’ve been after since first starting this show. They’re either admired or admonished, super in shape or super fat and when you need them the most they’re probably busy shooting people. That’s right, this month we’re roasting a cop!

The show will be as much about mocking our guest of honor, a decorated member of the Oakland Police Department, as it is about razzing the police in general and those that, for some reason, hate them. No wait, this one’s just about fucking with the police. Sound mean? It will be. But don’t worry security will make sure he’s not armed, he’s off duty so he can’t arrest anyone and we’re bringing bear mace incase he acts up. So come on out and let’s see what this donut guzzler’s made of.




Later Event: July 30
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