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The Great San Francisco Corn Dog Festival


Corn dog, corn dog, corn diggity dog!

You batter believe it — we celebrated our favorite time of the year! It’s your special dog, all dressed up with a quick dip, a simple twirl, and deep fried to golden-perfection! SoMa StrEat Food Park and FunCheapSF teamed up to bring SF another festival filled with scrumptious bouquets of deliciously-battered, perfectly-fluffy, and oh-so-satisfyingly-crisp corn dogs from the Bay’s best food trucks!

March 9th, corndog lovers got your fix of this beloved hot dog on a stick. Vendors were dipping, frying, saucing, and serving specialty corn dogs all day long! Guests enjoyed them in a variety of fashions: cheesy, wrapped in bacon, or smothered in saucy goodness. Some even switched up the protein with a juicy hot link, a gourmet Polish sausage, or tasty longanisa dog — the corn(dog)-binations were innumerable! Paired with all you can drink craft beer, and it was a match made in corn doggie heaven.


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