The Barn is one of the most unique spaces in San Francisco.  

The Barn's open sides and picnic tables give you all the joys of an outdoor space but also features, tv screens, sound system, and heat lamps for when the party goes on into the night.

The space is perfect for large casual parties, reunions, receptions, sports viewing parties and good ol' fashioned hoedowns day or night. The Barn's multiple tv screens, sound system, wifi, heat lamps and moveable tables make it a versatile space for award ceremonies, presentations and company parties.

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The Barn is great for gatherings of up to 200 people.


Barn Wings

  • Accommodates 20-50ppl
  • Picnic Table Seating
  • $50 an hour M-T $75 an hour F-S

Center Barn

  • Accommodates 50-100ppl
  • Picnic and Cafe Table Seating
  • $100 an hour M-T $150 an hour F-S

Full Barn

  • Accommodates 150-200ppl
  • Picnic, Cafe Table Seating and 2 TVs
  • $300 an hour M-T $400 an hour F-S
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